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We consist of billions of electrons, extremely small forming atoms, organized in cells, which comprise fabrics of the body—bones, muscles, skin, nerves, arteries, veins, etc.

Combined, these electrons enable us to think, breathe, assimilate, eliminate, speak, see, feel, touch, hear, taste, drive and reproduce.

Our body is an electronic biological wonder.

Man is actually, a space of vacuum, delimited by the skin, in which all its electrons turn at high speed, without ever reencounter according to concentrated or expansive configurations', genetically programmed. This explains why we consist of more or less compact fabrics, like the bones, the flesh, the bodies, etc.

For our bodies to function, they must be fueled by electromagnetic energies, which are provided by our electrons themselves. Once these energies are used, they are considered worn and are eliminated by the body. The uses and the evacuations are done without interruption.

But if worn energies are not evacuated, they stagnate, settle, concentrate and form stoppers, which prevent other energies from being correctly evacuated.

When this occurs, not only are psychic and biological processes out of sync, there can also be pain, fainting and fatigue. These pathological states have one common problem, energy. Even physical pain is not the cause, only the effect. In the same way, all problems considered mechanical: spinal column, knees, shoulders, teeth, etc., are never at the origin of a pathology, but rather a consequence due to accumulations of not evacuated electromagnetic energies.

The only mechanical causes follow accidental trauma, which does not have anything to do with biology.


Mode of action

Ondobiologue allows the individual to practice without any handling, by means of precise energy techniques to make it possible to extrapolate, used energies that, have become trapped and are causing pain, fatigue or other problems.

Once the used or 'worn' energies are located and removed, normal biological functions can resume since the flow of energy is no longer blocked.

This is significantly different from a practice called 'magnetism' whereby a hypnotizer endeavors to give energies to his customer, without occupying taking the worn energies or trying to heal the customer which can have serious consequences