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Born in 1939 in France, Ursula is gifted in the arts of clairvoyance and medium ship. Like her mother and grandmother before her, Ursula was foretelling events at the tender age of five.

After many years of perfecting her craft, Ursula started her own business, where she was not only successful; she received the Award of Qualities, by French President in 1973. Over the years, she has practiced her craft abroad in Spain, Italy, Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico and San Salvador.

In 1986, while teaching the Aborigines to make leather in the desert in Western Australia, Ursula was instructed in the arts of telepathy, aura reading, and intuition development, and channeling energy. When she returned to France, she expanded her skillset, graduating with degrees in Tarology (Pierre Horn School, 1995), Ondobiologie (Jean Marie Bataille School, 2000), Feng Shui (Hay Fen Shui Center of Excellence, 2000) and Image Consultant (The London Image Institute, 1999).

In 2007, she stumbled across Controlled Remote Viewing, which soon became her life's work.

First reading every book she could get her hands on the topic, Ursula sought online instruction and later was graduated from Lyn Buchanan and Major Paul Smith (2008) courses.

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